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Welcome to the page for Lois' CJ and Danny fanfic. Yes, it finally has a home.

So pull up a chair and make yourself at home. The stories are posted in order of when they were written.
I'd order them by date with the show, but many don't have an actual time. In any case, spoilers are clearly marked on this page!

Oh and no R- or NC-17 rated stories here, sorry!

Lame Duck Congress

Rated PG | 15K | Finished Nov. 20, 2003
Spoilers: Lame Duck Congress, In Excelsis Deo and Take Out the Trash Day

Compromising Situations
Rated PG | 17K | Finished Dec. 4, 2003
Spoilers: None

Extreme Possibilities
Rated PG | 48K | Finished Dec. 23, 2003
Spoilers: Galileo

Startling Developments
Rated PG | 42K | Finished Jan. 1, 2004
Spoilers: None, takes place around Season 5

Gifts of All Kinds
Rated PG | 17K | Finished Jan. 8, 2004
Spoilers: None, takes place at the end of the administration

In Love
Rated G | 14K | Finished Jan. 14, 2004
Spoilers: Everything is fair game up to Jan 14th; written before Full Disclosure, so one line might not fit.
But I like my version better, so whatever.

On The Front Steps Flirting

Nothing To Do For Valentine's Day
Rated PG | 22K | Finished Jan. 29, 2004
Spoilers: Take Out The Trash Day

Why Not?
Rated PG-13 | 13K | Finished Feb. 3, 2004
Spoilers: None

Who's The New Guy?
Rated PG | 15K | Finished Feb. 4, 2004
Spoilers: None

Stranger Things Have Happened
Rated G | 10K | Finished Feb. 5, 2004
Spoilers: None

The Temp
Rated PG | 24K | Finished Feb. 6, 2004
Spoilers: None

Bawk Bawk
Rated G | 11K | Finished Feb. 11, 2004
Spoilers: Warfare of Genghis Khan

Getting Gail

Rated PG | 16K | Finished Feb. 12, 2004
Spoilers: Warfare of Genghis Khan

Getting An Exclusive
Rated PG-13 | 34K | Finished Feb. 15, 2004
Spoilers: Takes place right before the elections in Season 4, but no real spoilers. Oh, and Danny's still around

Need Some Help?
Rated PG-13 | 11K | Finished Feb. 17, 2004
Spoilers: Slow News Day

You Know...
Rated G | 11K | Finished Feb. 27, 2004
Spoilers: Small for Holy Night; takes place at the end of the administration

Another Motorcade in Another State: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
Rated PG | 107K total | Finished Mar. 10, 2004
Spoilers: 20 Hours in America, the first two episodes of Season 4, and also Holy Night... takes place sometime after that.
Also, some characters that are gone in Sorkin's world are still around

CJ Admiring Gail

Rated PG-13 | 17K | Finished Mar. 10, 2004
Spoilers: None; these require an explanation: Know those 'hot' scenes that seem to be everyone's favorite?
Well, this is 5 of those, no plot.

Anger Management
Rated PG | 14K | Finished Mar. 12, 2004
Spoilers: None

The Last Snatch
Rated PG | 6K | Finished Mar. 15, 2004
Spoilers: None

The First "Sick" Series:
CJ, Part 1 : Ah-Choo
CJ, Part 2 : Sniffles
CJ, Part 3 : Chills
CJ, Part 4 : Hot Flashes
CJ, Part 5 : Aches and Pains
CJ, Part 6 : Fever
CJ, Part 7 : Pains in the Neck
Rated PG | 88K total | Finished Mar. 15-18, 2004
Spoilers: Anything up to this point is fair game. This started as a way to make soft lite feel better,
then quickly morphed to a huge story thanks to all the encouragement!

You couldn't have told me he was standing there?

The Wrong One
Rated G | 10K | Finished Mar. 20, 2004
Spoilers: None

Rated PG | 29K | Finished Mar. 20, 2004
Spoilers: None; Follows The Wrong One, sort of. Each can be read seperately to make sense also.

One Dance
Rated G | 11K | Finished Mar. 21, 2004
Spoilers: None; takes place during the campaign

Snatches, Take 2
Rated PG-13 | 14K | Finished Mar. 23, 2004
Spoilers: None

The Second "Sick" Series:
Danny, Part 1 : Nausea
Danny, Part 2 : Exhaustion
Danny, Part 3 : Dizziness
Danny, Part 4 : Congestion
Danny, Part 5 : Loss of Appetite
Rated PG | 67K total | Finished Mar. 23-26, 2004
Spoilers: Anything up to this point is fair game. Follows The First "Sick" Series.

Too close for comfort?

By Danny Concannon
Rated PG | 12K | Finished Mar. 25, 2004
Spoilers: None

Rated G | 11K | Finished Apr. 1, 2004
Spoilers: None

I've Got a Crush on You
Rated G | 6K | Finished Apr. 2, 2004
Spoilers: None

Not Too Much Fun
Rated G | 14K | Finished Apr. 3, 2004
Spoilers: None; Response to a challenge from 1-29-04:

Newsman Day
Rated PG | 10K | Finished Apr. 4, 2004
Spoilers: None; Response to an idea of Spooky's

Future Silences
Rated G | 6K | Finished Apr. 20, 2004
Spoilers: None; I'm pretty sure this is a drabble, 100 words...
set in the future.

Notice the brilliant lighting.

Rated G | 13K | Finished Apr. 29, 2004
Spoilers: Spoilers for No Exit.

Changes are Good?: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 Rated PG | 92K total | Finished May 6, 2004
Spoilers: Tiny one for In Excelsis Deo. This story is a sequel to
"Change in Circumstance" by Exfilia, whose email address is: exfilia at livejournal dot com.
It can be found here.
I have very graciously been given the go-ahead to play with these characters.
Go read "Change in Circumstance" before you read this one.

Dear Clueless
Rated G | 12K | Finished May 12, 2004
Spoilers: Fifth season spoilers. This story is a sequel to
"Dear Abby" by Asogist.
That story is contained in here.

Coming to Terms
Rated PG | 9K | Finished May 17, 2004
Spoilers: None

Snatches: Third Time's the Charm
Rated PG | 18K | Finished May 29, 2004
Spoilers: None

Not Quite Antific
Rated PG | 21K | Finished June 30, 2004
Spoilers: None; takes place during the first election. Notes inside.

Nefarious People and Plans
Rated PG | 28K | Finished August 13, 2004
Spoilers: Up to No Exit. After the events of No Exit, CJ needs some reassurance about her relationship with a certain man.

True Tales of the West Wing: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Rated PG-13 | 345K total | Finished September 21, 2004
Spoilers: Everything! Everything is fair game for this, and believe me I'll use it!
Basically, this is the behind the scenes stuff. The story that you never saw because it got clipped.
Tsk, tsk, Mr. Sorkin! I can't believe you didn't show us this stuff!

Moonlight Trilogy: Part 1 Moonlight Escapades- Part 2 Moonlight Dancing- Part 3 Moonlight Sonata
Follow up- The Dawn
Rated PG | 52K total | Finished September 27th-30th 2004
Spoilers: None... this is just a bit of fluff to conteract the above monster story. I wrote this on vacation.

Rated PG | 11K | Finished October 5, 2004
Spoilers: None

Nothing Feels the Same
Rated PG | 16K | Finished October 8, 2004
Spoilers: None

The End of the World (As We Know It)
Rated PG | 18K | Finished October 13, 2004
Spoilers: None; takes place at the end of the administration.

You Scratch My Back
Rated PG | 17K | Finished October 25, 2004
Spoilers: None; challenge posted 2-21-04 on

Happy Halloween
Rated PG | 37K | Finished October 31, 2004
Spoilers: None

Oh, Josh!
Rated G | 59K | Finished November 1, 2004
Spoilers: Something different, to celebrate my 60th story.
In this story, you get to decide what Josh does. Like those old Choose your Own Adventure stories.

Sequel to that is: Repercussions
Rated PG-13 | 33K | Finished November 13, 2004

Strange Bedfellows
Rated PG | 19K | Finished November 13, 2004
Spoilers: None; takes place after the Administration

Just Once
Rated PG | 16K | Finished November 24, 2004
Spoilers: I guess through the 4th season

Snatches 4: Four Times the Fun!
Rated PG-13 | 18K | Finished December 6, 2004
Spoilers: Yeah right! You do know the concept of "snatches" by now, right?

Getting an Education was Never This Much Fun!
Rated PG | 12K | Finished December 15, 2004
Spoilers: Take Out the Trash Day.

Merry Belated Christmas
Rated PG | 15K | Finished January 7, 2005
Spoilers: Spoilers for Santa... takes place around that time.

So, Goldfish?
Rated PG | 14K | Finished January 30, 2005
Spoilers: Gail. First episode with our favorite fish. (Oh, is that a spoiler, telling you Gail is a fish? Oops.)

You Can't...
Rated PG | 14K | Finished February 1, 2005
Spoilers: None, takes place whenever.

Rated G | 19K | Finished March 6, 2005
Spoilers: None, takes place before the 5th season.

Defenses: Part 1 -Part 2 - Part 3 Rated PG-13 | 186K | Finished May 14, 2005
Spoilers: Random ones for the whole series, nothing major though.

Curse of the Black Curls
Rated G | 52K | Finished June 17, 2005
Spoilers: None for West Wing, but some for Pirates of the Caribbean, sort of. See if you can find all the quotes, taken (mostly) directly from the movie!

It is You
Rated G | 16K | Finished September 18, 2005
Spoilers: None, takes place before the 5th season.


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