Our World


Personal Stuff:

My Old High School
This is where I used to go to high school.

My First College
My first and the only college I don't have a degree from!

Second College
This is the second college I went to

Third College
My third college, have a bachelors from them!

Fourth College
My last, most recent college... working on my masters here.

A page I created to showcase some of my favorite stories.

Interesting Web stuff... okay, completely random things:


If you don't know what it is, click on it!

Try this at least once!! It's awesome!

Ever gotten a fake check in the mail?
Find out what happened when one man deposited his!

This Page Intentionally Left Blank
There's too much stuff on the Internet, here's a place to rest.

Are you Insane?
Find out!

Cows... with guns...
Turn your sound on for this one!!

Ever thought it was a waste to throw out dog hair?
Well, so did these people

After this page...
You'll never look at E-bay the same way again!

Want to donate to charities but have no money?
Then click here

Think we spend too much time on the Internet?
Then shut it down!

Click here last
Just do it.